Thursday, July 1, 2010

Key Club Conventions


This is my first time really blogging. I've always been a bit against it. I've always thought that blogging was like posting your journal online...but I realize blogging can be a good thing, and at the same time, fun ! So here goes with my first blog ever ! Feel free to leave feedback ! :D

I'm excited that my very first blog gets to be about Key Club, a school club, the only school club I am sincerely passionate about ! And from being a Key Clubber for four years now, it is now to my understanding that only a certain number of people have at least "heard of" Key Club, yet alone know what it's all about. Now, I could go on and on about Key Club, but just to give you the basics and keep it simple and on task (hint: the blog is about the Conventions):

Key Club is apart of the Kiwanis Family ! Key Club is the largest and oldest service club for high school students ! It was founded in 1925 in a high school in California. To this day it is in over 5,000 high schools internationally. Think of a country outside the U.S. that you've always wanted to visit, I can guarantee you there is a Key Club there ! :D

Another great aspect of Key Club is that it is entirely student run ! Excluding the dedicated support and guidance of our Kiwanis and Faculty Advisors. We create, plan and organize any community service projects we want to do ! Not to mention any events we want to plan just for the fun of it or whatever the reason may be ! :)

There are the typical board of officers: President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. And then there is an editor and Class Directors for each club. But in addition to there being board of officers for each club, there is also district officers, students our age who are officers of all the Key Clubs of Florida. And on top of that, there are Key Club International Board of Directors, Key Clubbers presiding over all of Key Club, yes ALL of Key Club, Even INTERNATIONALLY ! Not to mention, there are Lieutenant Governors, high school students, who work with Key Clubs in their Key Club Division. From my knowledge, these are all very rewarding leadership experiences ! :)

Since Key Club is entirely student led, it's one of the reasons why, specifically, Florida Key Club's District (State) Conventions are so AMAZING ! Even though I've been a Key Clubber for four years now, last year was my very first time attending and I can sincerely say it was an unforgettable, memorable experience ! The 72nd Annual District Convention was inspirational, tons of fun, and plenty more ! It was great to see over 1,000 other Key Clubbers together in one hotel ! It was great to be around the family members I never knew I had ! It was inspirational to see all the caring leaders our own age being awarded for their dedication to service and to their clubs. A majority of us got very little sleep because our four day schedules are jam packed with educational and interesting workshops led by Key Clubbers, and award ceremonies, and not to mention delicious hotel food ! And for a majority of us, instead of sleeping during the very little free time we had, a majority of us decided to go to the pool with our Key Clubber friends, or attend the dances the convention had, or just do some updating with any Key Clubber friends we haven't seen in a while ! It was a truly GREAT experience. And again, because the club is student run, the convention was planned by high school students ! And even though most people who have attended conventions, especially SGA conventions, think the automatic first impression that it's going to be boring, but you're wrong about the Key Club Conventions ! THERE IS NO CONVENTION LIKE THE KEY CLUB CONVENTION !!!! :D

Feel Free to look at the International and Florida Key Club website !

Join Key Club and See for yourself just how great of a club it really is ! :D

P.S. The colors used in my blog are Key Club Colors ! Blue represents Unwavering Character and Gold represents Service ! :D

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