Friday, July 16, 2010

Microwaving Gone WRONG!

So, I was wondering…is it bad that my microwave is smoking? We have all had our moments when technology is not on our side but do microwaves come with an instruction manual? Seriously, I think it's crucial, people could like.. Die.

Nah, that sounds a little too dramatic, more like: The glass from the microwaves could explode and shatter sending pieces of jagged flying glass towards your unprotected face :D unless you wear protective gear, which is a little weird...

but seriously.. I think microwaves now a days are a little too.. I-robot. They have a mind of their own. I wanted to make popcorn one time and I thought the sensible thing to do is to press the popcorn button :D so I did.. next thing I know it's smoking and my dad starts running out of the house screaming "FIRE!!!" and he being oh so the great father he is, he ran out without looking for his daughter :)

Now I'm forbidden to make popcorn without supervision. -_-

See, I could take the blame for this second incident, but how was I to know that you're not supposed to put aluminum foil in the microwave. It had some cinnamon rolls in it from Cici's Pizza ( I recommend it, It's the food of the GODS!! >:DD) and I wanted to have that same warm goodness so I popped it in with the foil and it started sparking. But I thought it was supposed to happen so I was like "Oooooo Pretty *o*" and my sister came and was like "OMG!! D:" but I thought she was talking about the fireworks ;)

No more cinnamon rolls for me ):

So warning to everyone out there..

When heating up something in the microwave...proceed with Caution.

Microwaves are secretly planning to take over the world. Don't believe me?...Watch Transformers 2 starring Shia LaBeouf, haha he's hot. <33>:D

Join in next time for..

TV's: secretly rotting your minds until the aliens come and eat them.

And FYI, I'm not paranoid or anything o.-

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  1. Ahahaha! I KNEW it wasn't just me who didn't know how to work those alien thingies!! I totally get what you mean about the whole "pressing the wrong button could result in serious injury". I once had these frozen pretzels I ordered at a school bakery fundraiser (did anyone else participate in that fundraiser?? I think it was Alexis Farms or something) and the timer said 50 seconds. That was the day I learned how important the difference between seconds and minutes. Oops.