Thursday, August 26, 2010

Congratulations, you survived the first week of school! (:

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Lets face it, school can be a drag. Especially the first few weeks when you have to get back into the school routine. Congratulations, you survived the first week of school! Now its getting through the next 170 days that will be a challenge. Here are some of the many tricks I use to help me get into the school routine.

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1. Try to get ALL of your homework done on Friday. That way you won't have to worry about it for the rest of the weekend and you can party and relax without worrying.

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2. Do ALL of your homework so that you don't make enemies with your teachers. You don't want to start off on the wrong foot!

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3. Even if you really really dislike a teacher, don't let it show. You don't want a teacher you dislike to dislike you.

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4. Don't go to bed too late! On the weekends TRY to go to sleep at 1 AM and wake up at 10 AM at the latest. This way when your alarm clock goes off at 6 AM on Monday morning you'll be prepared.

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5. And finally, pray that a tropical storm comes so we get a few days off of school!

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Monday, August 16, 2010

Avoidance does Bring Deliverance

             So everyone and your mother thinks that they can tell you about how to meet the perfect guy, how to keep him, and even who your perfect guy is. I don't want to do that. If you're reading this blog, chances are I don't know you personally. (If I do, let's pretend I don't, alright? Thanks :D)
             Almost exactly two years ago, I was sick and tired of guys. I'd dated a couple, done the whole "are we or aren't we" dance, and found it all too drama-filled for my lifestyle. It's exhausting, right? I decided that boys were no longer a priority, and I'd just focus on being with my friends and having fun.
             Giving up on love/lust, depending on what you're looking for, may seem like the antithesis of getting it. In reality, it actually is the way I found it, and believe that anyone can. When you are "trolling" for a significant other, every single potential mate is scrutinized by your eye and their attributes are weighed the instant you get a glimpse. Any potential flaws are deal breakers. To tell you the truth, you may learn to love that crooked smile, or go crazy for the out-of-control waves in his hair.
              Less than a week after my male-free declaration, my friend I hadn't seen in forever invited me to the movies to save her from boredom. When I got there, a ton of people I didn't know were there, including this guy who I immediately forgot about. We went out to dinner after, and we were all in different tables, but this guy wouldn't stop staring at me! I whispered to my friend, who I was engaging in a talk-as-fast-as-we-can-to-catch-up-on-everything-we-missed-athon with, that he was scaring me. She said it was no big deal, but then he started to follow us while we talked. I was ignoring him, and just kept chattering away.
              After I left, he finagled my number and started texting me. This guy was so odd, but it seemed like he knew everything about me. He knew exactly what made me laugh, and even almost figured out my biggest secret I had told one person in the world. I was so confused about him, because he would say I was beautiful but that he didn't want to date.
              Fast-forward to now, and I've been dating him for 23 months today. We've had our roller coasters at times, but to be honest, it's been mostly smooth. He gets me, even if that is as cliché as can be. All my friends love him, and he takes care of me better than I ever could. Had I been looking for someone, he would've never even begun to register on my radar. He was NOT my type at all, so different from the guy I had dated previously. But when I thought about my perfect guy, my boyfriend Matt did meet every single requirement without me ever realizing it.
              What I mean to say is that guys (or girls, if the opposite applies) notice when you are checking them out. At the same time, you checking them out may be misconstrued by your facial expression. Have you ever seen a guy look at like you as if you were an alien creature, or a girl who looked completely uncomfortable and awkward? Chances are, you weren't attracted to them or inclined to start up a conversation with them.
              So STOP being on the prowl for a new boyfriend or girlfriend; It's way too much work, stress, and is unnecessary. It may even act as a deterrent at times. Love or like will hit you at the most unexpected moments, that's the way Mother Nature planned it. And she's one mother I always listen to.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Do you guys know that feeling you get when you see a scary movie (and I'm talking about a REALLY scary movie: like, one that you can't stop thinking about for the next couple of days) and it freaked you out so much that you're scared to go to sleep because you're afraid of what you're gonnna dream about? Well, I'm having that feeling right this second: but it's not because I just saw a Goosebumps Movie (not gonna lie-those are the scariest movies ever) it's because I went on my first Ghost Tour. I've never been on one before but I've seen ads and they seemed kinda cheesy but I figured, I'm in New Orleans- why not? Dear Lord, this city makes Goosebumps Movies look like "Playtime with Barney"! Every single building has like some sort of haunting to it: it's the creepiest thing ever! Ad our tour guide, unfortunely,looked a little creepy himself (little bit like Charles Manson)and had like this deep, throaty voice that just listening to him talk about the weather would give you the chills, let alone ghost stories. So for anyone that hasn't been on a ghost tour yet, let me explain to you what it was like. First everyone on the tour gathers around in a circle and the Charles Manson tour guide gives you a sticker and takes a head count in his creepy voice. Oh and by the way, the whole tour you're standing and walking around in the pitch black because the streets are lit up only by these spooky lanterns. So we start following the tour guide and he comes to his first house which is like this red brick apartment and we stand outside of it as he tells the story of this lady who died in the attic and now haunts the place. And after that he moves on and we visit, like, eleven buildings and everything is just a tad eerie as goes on and on in his creepy voice, but I wasn't really scared until we were about three houses from the end of the tour and we came up this huge, empty mansion and launchs into the scariest story I've ever heard in my whole entire life. I'm not going to go into details right now on this blog and make everyone pee their pants out of fear but if you really want to know the story, just google "The Lalaurie Mansion". You won't be able to sleep for a week. The house is for sale, too, if anyone's interested in moving (actually, Nicholas Cage owned the house before he went into his whole bankrupcy thing. It was bankrupcy, right?) Also, it wasn't just the story that scared me out of my mind, it was the house. Has anyone ever passed by or entered a house where they just got an overall creepy feeling? Almost like a pins and needles feeling in your limbs. Well, that feeling was pulsing through me when we came up to that house. I don't know what it was, but there were definitely creepy vibes coming from inside that house. And since it was a part vampire tour as well, the tour guide brought us to like two houses that were supposedly haunted by vampires, and I'd just like you to know that those houses have made me a true believer in vampires. Okay I have to stop writing about this because my arms are covered in goosebumps now and there's this really scary closet right across from me that's all dark and I kinda want to go to bed so I don't have to look at it anymore.