Monday, July 5, 2010

Travel Phlog! intro

Hi my name is Sharon, and this is my first phlog. This is a new term that I (thought I) created; it stands for photo blog… and it actually exists! The reason I am phlogging, is because I have a lot to share. I love traveling and taking photos as well, so why not combine both hobbies to create an interesting phlog.

I am Floridian, but if you ask me where I’ve lived, you’ll find out that I am not just a typical Floridian teen. I’ve moved a few times… born in Venezuela (moved before I was 1) then moved to Chicago, then to Florida for elementary school and half of 6th grade.

Why just half the year of 6th grade? Well I was informed of some tragic news from my father when I turned 12. My dad told me, while we were visiting Disney (the happiest place on earth), that we were moving to Japan. When he told me this I immediately began to think of family members or friends that I could stay with, while the rest of my family moved. I pleaded to stay and live with my grandparents; I would do anything just to avoid moving away from my home. But staying was not an option.

Parents always say they know best, and they really did in this case. They made the decision to move, and dragged my siblings and me along with them. My mom and dad knew what was best for us, because later I would realize that missing this experience would have been a mistake. My mom and dad felt terrible that they were putting me through this, but I am glad they did. Moving to Japan has made me the person I am, and it was an opportunity that I would have regretted missing out on, for the rest of my life.

Moving to Japan was weird; my friends and family had never heard of such a thing. Most of them did not believe me when I shared the terrible news with them; some just laughed and others just silently gaped at me in awe. Barely anyone believed me the first time I told them. Japan was an alien land to us, on the other side of the world, and I knew nothing about it. I knew how to say hi, Konichiwa, and I knew a few words like karaoke and sushi but I did not know enough. All I knew was that I adored eating sushi.

As planned, we moved to Japan. I was frightened and nervous about our relocation, because the first time that I visited Japan was the day that we moved. Once we were there, we were staying there.

While living in Japan, I traveled around Asia. My family has always loved traveling and we have family in many different places so we were and are quite used to it. We took advantage of Japan’s location, and visited many countries in the area. I took hundreds of pictures while touring and this will be my way of showing you what it was like.
I plan to use this photo blog as a way of talking about and presenting the many places I traveled to, and the experiences I had, in these far-away lands.

Questions? Comment, and I'll answer them in my next phlog.

See ya next phlog, Travel Phlogirl, Sharon G.

p.s. Be ready for more pictures next phlog, this was just an intro. I am just getting started!


  1. Wow!!! How cool! Looking forward to seeing your pictures!

  2. Felicitaciones Sharon !!!! Que forma emocionante y divertida de compartir tus experiencias con el resto del mundo . Yo, personalmente, seguire tu phlog sin perderme un episodio!!!! Por favor segui escribiendo!!
    Saludos a toda la flia.
    Desde Israel te esperamos con el deseo de aportar suficiente "material" nuevo e inolvidables para redactar muchisomos episodios de tu phlog
    Un beso
    Gabi Halevy

  3. this is so cool!
    can't wait for your next phlogs, i'm your biggest fan! :)
    love, abigail

  4. This looks great Sharon! Keep it going!