Friday, June 25, 2010


I hope I'm doing this right, I am a first-time blogger, hope that means I don't have to go through any sort of hazing or anything. How do you haze for a blog? What is a blog? Ugh, the only information I know about writing blogs comes from Amy Adams in Julie and Julia so, I guess, here we go, Amy!

I'm titling this blog post "Driving"; I think that's a pretty good blog post title don't you think? Anyway, I chose it because I embark on a cross-country road trip tomorrow with a 90-pound golden retriever, enough luggage to sink the whole island of Japan, and my entire family (vatti, mom, me, and my sister). What a blast.

I bet everyone has traveled the United States with their families before, right? Well, I hate it. I hate sitting in the back of a car crammed with bags and fast food containers; driving through one of those states that just seems to go on and on and on with no blessed green sign welcoming you to the next state for a gazillion miles, with nothing good on the radio for those gazillion miles. Seriously, this is the second time we've embarked on this road trip-oh yeah, I didn't even fill you guys in on the trip info, yet! We're driving to Santa Barbara, as in Santa Barbara, CALIFORNIA. Do you have any idea how long that takes? It takes forever. I swear we're not going to get there till Christmas. Anyway, enough venting: are you even allowed to vent on a blog? If I'm doing anything wrong, please don't hesitate to call me out on it. Just be nice about it.

I think I've complained enough already for one wall post- sorry about that by the way; I hate listening to people complain and here I am, doing it to you guys, I just have a lot to say about this "vacation". But we're supposed to stop in Colorado for a few days on Tuesday so I'll update then-look how cool I am with my blog slang!- and trust me, I'll have a lot of stories to tell. Dear lord this is going to be a long summer.

Oh and if anyone has any tips on how to survive 41 billion hours in the car, could you comment them PLEASE?? for the sake of my sanity? We don't have any of those uber-cool pull down spy TVs in the car so I'm planning on twiddling my thumbs for the whole car ride, yippee.


  1. haha I'm sure the car drive will be worth it when you arrive in Cali. My advice...sleep :)

  2. Poor Amanda ! LOL !
    Trust me ! I know how you feel when it comes to the longgg road trips ! My family and I had them all the time when I was younger ! They were dreadful !
    Thankfully, I was an only child growing up, so I had enough space in even the smallest rental car, to relax. Normally on these long trips, I bring something to do, most definitely music to plug my ears up to so I don't have to listen to the nonsense, especially when we go through the cities/towns that have not so good radio stations. I say keep yourself busy ! Try something new ! I would do crosswords, Sudoku, and since I like to write I'd bring my journal, and of course there is a cell phone to text, and you can't reading something you actually enjoy ! So, my advice is to keep yourself busy (and sane) during the long trips ! And definitely take advantage of the stops you get to have on the road ! Best Wishes ! :)
    -~Zaakirah Muhammad