Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Cruising The Caribbean

Norwegian Cruise-line's newest ship, The Epic, truly exemplified its name.
Dining whenever and wherever was a breeze, and not worrying about dressing fancy was quite perfect. The views from the very top of the tallest cruise ship in the world were simply incredible, and the lovely animal shaped towels placed neatly on our beds were just so welcoming. A tight squeeze it was, but a cozy one, indeed.
Late night strobe lights lit up the sky, making any passing ship envious. The oceans largest T.V. attracted the guests' attention, especially during the
FIFA World Cup Finals. Can't forget the worlds largest LED chandelier ever created!
Heads turned as the Bahamian pilot guided the massive ship into the island's port, careful not to hit the much smaller cruise ships only feet away. The parade welcomed The Epic, for it was its first time in the Caribbean (This was actually only its second voyage after being constructed in The Netherlands). The entertainment was just spectacular and the crew members were top notch. Not one day at sea was at all uneventful; the entire week was a blast on The Epic!

The Epic's size (on the far right) compared to the size of the other three ships.

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