Monday, July 19, 2010

A Day In The Life Of A Dog

Have you ever wondered what your dog does on a daily basis but were too busy to observe every second of his or her life? Well, luckily for you, I took time out of my busy schedule to do exactly that.

My dog, Biscuit, (pictured above) usually wakes up around the same time as my mom does. You should be informed that my dog and my mother are attached at the hip, so it would make sense that since they sleep together, they would wake up together as well. After my mom musters up enough of her strength to get out of bed in the morning, she takes Biscuit for a long walk around the neighborhood, where Biscuit eventually meets up with a couple of her furry friends, namely Millie (an adorable mutt) and Jazzy (a gorgeous dachshund that lives right around the bend). After roughhousing with her canine companions, it's time to head back home.

Biscuit grudgingly and reluctantly goes back into the house and immediately forages for her manila toy bone and her favorite tennis ball. After about a half an hour of playtime later, Biscuit's ears start to perk up as she turns her tiny head in the direction of the kitchen. She knows it's time for breakfast and, judging by the symphonies of cans being unscrewed and paper bags being pried open, it looks like Biscuit will be having the usual: liver-flavored wet food and just a handful of dry kibble. She rushes over to the kitchen counter and can barely stifle her yelps of excitement as she watches my mom back away from the metlic food bowl that has now been placed on the floor within Biscuit's reach.

After Biscuit gobbles up her first meal of the day, she knows it that time of the day again: relaxation time. Now this is the part where everything gets a little boring. She cuddles up in her favorite spot on the couch and begins to take a nap. Hey, whoever said it's a dog's life wasn't lying. Not long after Biscuit wakes up from her catnap (oh, the irony) does she have to go to the bathroom yet again. After a quick walk, it's time for my sister, Sage, to come home from camp. As soon as Sage walks through the door, Biscuit excitedly runs up to her, tail wagging, and starts to lick every inch of Sage's face clean. After the initial shock of Sage coming home from camp starts to wear down, Biscuit cheerfully frolicks nack to her couch and continues sleeping until dinnertime.

For dinner, Biscuit enjoys a nice chicken-flavored kibble while a much more appetizing dinner is being seved for the rest of the family. We all gather around the television after dinner has been eaten, Biscuit inluded. Before we know it, almost three hours has passed us by and it is almost time for bed. Sage and I get ready for bed and soon fall asleep, all the while Biscuit lies down with my mom and dad until they fall asleep as well, Biscuit anticipating what tomorrow will bring for her and her family.


  1. Stacey P.! This is really well written and interesting :) PS I am totally and undeniably obsessed with Biscuit and with you. Oh and I love the pic!


  2. aww erinn! thats so sweet! thank you!
    Stacey P. ;)