Tuesday, August 27, 2013

VMAS 2013

Incase you missed it, the 2013 Video Music Awards on Aug. 25 were completely insane. There was a bit of everything; Lady Gaga being of course, Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus trying too hard, a panic-inducing NSYNC reunion, Taylor Swift jabbing at one of her exes (what's new), One Direction getting booed while accepting their award (with Lady Gaga soon coming to their defense backstage) and Katy Perry acing her performance.

Of all the topics to discuss, I'd like to dabble on one; oh, Miley.

There's a fine line between proving to the world that one has shed their bubblegum pop Disney Channel days by either gracefully maturing into a young adult performer, and doing a complete 270 and performing near-erotica on national television. I'm not one to judge. Miley wanted the attention- she got it. But couldn't she have earned it in a more positive light? Was it really necessary to grind and "twerk" on a married father? Yes, Miley shared the stage quite closely with singer Robin Thicke on a duet to his own racy tune, "Blurred Lines." The vulgarity of her performance was unbecoming of a woman with class.

I'm side-eyeing Thicke, too. This isn't entirely "Miley's fault." He should have taken responsibility as a grown man, father, and husband to not let a 20 year old flaunt her stuff all over him on national television. Um, each to their own I guess?

Of course, there's always going to be the "but Taylor Swift did this" comparison to any outrageous act done by her celebrity counterpart. When her former "boyfriend" (of a month), Harry Styles of UK boy band One Direction was on stage, the camera panned to Taylor who seemed to have said "shut the f&%# up" to fellow singer and friend Selena Gomez. What a thoughtful remark from America's sweetheart. Now, although she is known for her catty ex-boyfriend callouts and infamous, repetitive songs about heartbreak, Taylor doesn't need to gyrate half-naked on men old enough to be her father for attention.

What happened Miley? Was the Disney experience that painful? Should I stop encouraging my 9 year old cousin to go to their castings in fear she will get famous and turn out like you? So many girls who looked up to you in the past, including myself, disappointed and honestly worried for your well-being. What a letdown.

Someone needs to go back to Nashville.