Wednesday, July 11, 2012

"Mad Love"

So it's summer, and everything just kind of drags on, normal things becoming a bore. I got tired of Netflix, the internet, tv, so what did I do? I picked up the first book in sight. It was "Mad Love", by Suzanne Selfors. The story revolves around Alice Amorous, daughter of a renowned romance novelist, who was hospitalized secretly due to a mental illness. Suddenly, she meets a guy named Errol who claims to be Cupid, and she is under the compromise to write the tragedy of him & Psyche's romance. Alice however, doesn't believe in Cupid, but she decides to help Errol out anyways. I found it a humorous, refreshing book. Not sappy like most romance novels, or full of corny puns. Any teenager (most likely girls) with time on their hands & and nothing to do, would enjoy this modern take on an ancient love story.

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