Saturday, July 7, 2012

Elizavita Ephemeris, The Name Says It All

Ephemeris: a table of values that gives the positions of the astronomical objects in the sky at any time. Now, while I don’t know if the composer, opera-diva-in-training, and self-proclaimed Flower Alchemist can do that, she sure can hit a high note.
Born in the Big Apple (New York City for those who don’t know), raised in Russia, spending time in an Italian monetary, and currently writing in the United States, this shining star has been singing since she was young.
With “Beatrix Runs” debuted on 1/24/12, it’s been a new sound in the pop focused world.
Her song ‘Dreamer’ was given away for free at Starbucks one day, and since then it has been on the top 25 on my I-pod; and not just the song, but the whole album. With not one note missed and music that reaches inside you and just touches your soul, her lyrics are meaningful and from the heart.
Her songs are available to listen at her website,, but will be going down soon. It’s worth a listen, even if opera isn’t something you’ve been into before. I wasn’t.

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