Thursday, July 12, 2012

Katy Perry's Part of Me 3D Adventure: Colorful & Inspirational

To us, it all started with her single hit "I Kissed a Girl", but for Katy Perry it wasn't a simple overnight success story. Working for many years to pursue her dream of becoming an artist, Katy embarks us on her first tour and biggest success yet, California Dreams Tour. "Katy Perry's Part of Me" gives you a backstage pass to not only her tour, but her career, personal life, and the commitment to her fans. Katy shows her transformation from a major-Christian guitar strummer to pop-sensation and world record holder for the most number one hit songs in an album. But under all her colorful candy wardrobe, Katy gives her fans a glimpse of her troubled relationship with comedian Russell Brand. Through it all, Katy stays loyal to her fans and reminds us, through her lyrics, that we are all special and "fireworks".

Check out her movie in 3D and in theaters now.

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