Sunday, July 15, 2012

Louis C.K. Helping The World One Small Annoyance At A Time

After 27 years of being a comic, Louis C.K. has gained massive amounts of success in the last few years.  His self-deprecating humor is full of sex jokes, many of which make audiences shake their heads while laughing, and jokes about his life raising his two young daughters.
His stand up comedy, such as "Hilarious" and "Live At The Beacon Theater" is uncensored and has moments of him seeming to be a genuinely horrible human being, something that haters won’t be able to get past.  But when people give him a chance, it is clear that Louis C.K. doesn’t mean harm to other people.  For example, when one joke took a turn for the worst when he made a comment about having sex with children, he laughed to himself, and said, “That’s just me saying something terrible just because it makes me laugh that it upsets you, that’s all that is.”
His comedy is also riddled with jokes that may offend certain groups of people if taken too seriously, but he is always sure to make it clear that he hates nobody more than people who are racist or homophobic. 
The best part of Louis C.K. is how stripped down and real he is.  Under all the fame and comedy, his fans can tell that he is a real person that understands how everyone thinks.  Buying his stand up show, “Live At The Beacon Theater,” is a refreshingly easy process.  The five dollar special is only sold through his website, and there are no gimmicks or newsletters that you are automatically signed up for, until you un-check the tiny box.  Louis C.K. knows what normal people can’t stand to go through, like a complicated website that will overcharge you and spam your email for years, so he eliminates it for his fans. 
Similarly, people that want to buy tickets for his comedy shows must go through his website.  The best part is that any tickets that are sold on other websites, for above face value, will be deactivated.  Finally someone is doing something about the ticket scalper epidemic. 
Besides being a comic genius, Louis C.K. is great because he is a real guy, who not only notices the small things that drive everyone nuts, but he is trying to do something about it.   

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