Thursday, August 9, 2012

Kristen Stewart’s Secret Affair Unveiled: Fact or Fiction?

By Alexandra Gomez

Calvary Christian Academy

It’s fairly recent, and an open wound to Twilight fans everywhere. According to US Weekly magazine, which initially broke the story, on July 17, Kristen Stewart was caught cheating on her Twilight co-star and boyfriend, Robert Pattinson with Rupert Sanders, the married director of her most recent film, Snow White and the Huntsman. A source told US that Pattinson is, “heartbroken” and “shocked that she could hurt him and humiliate him this way.”

One could speculate as to whether this scandalous discovery has any merit to it, considering the hype magazines regularly put out to gain fans (whether it’s accurate or not). Nonetheless, not only has US Weekly posted updates to their claims with photos as evidence, but also FOX News has followed up with Pattinson’s escape from the press in the aftermath of Stewart’s infidelity being exposed.

“A devastated Robert Pattinson is hiding out at Oscar winning actress Reese Witherspoon's California ranch,” as reported by FOX News. “Witherspoon offered Rob a refuge in the form of the $7 million mansion in Ojai, California.”

Since then, he has refused a press appearance in the U.S. for his upcoming film, Cosmopolis, which will premier in New York City (Entertainment Tonight). CBS News reported that he even moved out of the house the couple once shared, and asked Stewart to move out as well.

It seems that it’s been a rocky road for the renowned Twilight duo, and the situation doesn’t seem to be cooling down either by how the scandal is being inflamed by the presses. However, the two may just have to settle their differences by September 6, where they are set to co-present the MTV Video Music Awards, followed by their promotion of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part II, which premiers on November 14.

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