Saturday, February 1, 2014

#TeenLinkNeedToKnowAwardShow: The 56th Annual Grammys

The Grammys. Music’s biggest night was filled with plenty of bass, bombshells, and Beyoncé. Not only were the biggest artists awarded for their work, their biggest fans were awarded with great performances from them! Lorde was twitchy, Katy was witchy, and Pharrells hat was just waaayyy too big. Let’s recap the 2014 Grammy Awards.

Best dressed:

Chrissy Teigen looked ever so gorgeous in this blingy Johanna Johnson gown. The gold and silver hue of this glamorous dress went perfectly with Chrissy’s light ombre-d hair and minimal jewelry. The slit in the top and bottom of the dress make it even more beautiful, along with the train that was the perfect size for an elegant yet fun award show like the Grammy’s.

Best dressed couple (duo):

Ok so they’re not a couple, but they’re at least a musical duo! Macklemore showed up to the red carpet with his sidekick Ryan Lewis, both looking dapper. Macklemore rocked a teal velour suit with a black bowtie and white dress shirt, while Lewis looked fashionable in a silver hounds tooth suit by Mr. Turk. It was definitely flashy, but I applaud them for taking a fashion risk.

Best performance:

What do you get when you put together a revolving chair, strobe lights, a fog machine, an awesome song, and two talented (and married) global superstars? Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton! jk. Of course it’s Jay Z and Beyoncé! Yoncé herself opened the show, tight black bodysuit and all. Jay Z soon joined her to sing the rap bridge of their new single “Drunk in Love” off of Beyoncé’s (amazing) self-titled album. Bey and Jay were recently named pop’s first billionaire couple. But with all money aside, the love they have for each other was eminent on that stage.


Best acceptance speech:

Jay Z was called up to the stage to accept the award for the Best Rap/Sung Collaboration for “Holy Grail” in which he was accepting on the behalf of both himself and Justin Timberlake (which for some unknown reason was not at the show). Jay thanked various people who helped make the record, along with thanking God for having a beautiful young women in his life, referring to Beyoncé, who was sitting right there in the front row flashing her husband with an admiring smile. He then finished off his speech by saying “and Blue, look Daddy has a gold sippy cup for you.” LOL

That wraps up the #TeenLinkNeedToKnowAwardShow 2014 Grammys recap! I hope you enjoyed! Thanks for reading! 

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