Monday, September 9, 2013

Job well done or just poor taste?

What would you do if you stopped behind this truck in traffic? Despite its surreal appearence, this scene is acually a decal produced by Hornet Signs, a Texas-based company. Artistically this is an exceptional piece of work and the talent used in making the decal is without a doubt brilliant. However, the subject matter is rather distasteful. With crime against women on the rise, I think that it was in poor taste to portray such bondage and abuse in order to make a profit. In addition, to place this image on a vehicle where it will become a public display, I wonder what confusion this could cause on a busy highway or to people passing by. How does a parent driving behind this decal explain such a depiction to their children? I would appreciate it if Hornet Signs could use their talents to illustrate more positive images, or something witty that can humor onlookers. I acknowledge that some may think that a business is a business, and that Hornet Signs was simply complying to the requests of a customer. But, shouldn't they refuse to service anyone desiring to promote such public displays of violence? 

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