Monday, February 13, 2012

Christina Millian Joins 'Young Money'

In the mists of all things Whitney Houston at the Grammy's this past weekend a few - minor - details were over shadowed. Like oh I don't know, the fact that singer Christina Milian is now a Young Money millionaire! 

It was confirmed by a tweet from Milian stating "The answer is... Yes. Let's Get To Work! I Heart You Guys... It's Now or Never."

Milian is now a part of a multi-million dollar record company that is the home to some of the most talked about in the game right now. Such as Drake, Nicki Minaj, and of course the man himself Lil Wayne. YMCMB came to the Grammy's playing no games with the whole camp in the building having about 17 nominations between them all. 

Milian herself hasn't been popularly seen in the music industry for a while. Not since her hit single 'Us Against The World' debuted in 2008 had I even her name in anybody's mouth. And all of a sudden she's a part of one of the biggest productions in the music industry? Lets see how this goes..

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