Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Cars 2 Zooms in Blu

Cars 2, the Blu-ray disk, keeps all your favorite characters from Cars, while adding some great new ones. It shows the Cars in a more personified way than ever before. You can see them going shopping, eating at restaurants, and traveling all around the world. They even get to use technologies in the movie that only top agencies of the real world would have access to.

Cars from all over the world are introduced, each looking in ways that portray where they are from. Not just the cars, but even the new planes, trains, and ships made for the movie are showing their patriotism. Along with showing their true colors, Cars 2 lets the audience see the more elegant side of Cars. We finally leave Radiator Springs to party the nights away with the rich and famous cars.

Get ready to race through Japan, Italy, and France in the World Grand Prix with your favorite cars. Lightening McQueen is feeling the pressure from his new Italian rival, Francesco Bernoulli. While Mater returns, funnier than ever, and dealing with a case of mistaken identity that has him in his own race against his first real rivals.

The addition of espionage to the Cars world spices things up, giving Mater a bigger role in this second movie than in the first. It also adds mystery and introduces a love interest for Mater along the journey. The spy scenes remind you of a bunch of old spy movies of spies such as James Bond and Jason Bourne.

On top of all that, the movie incorporates and encourages Going Green in the story line. Definitely a great movie parents would want kids and even teens to watch.

The production team did a great job in animating the different countries, thinking of every detail to include making it seem as real as possible. From the big skyscrapers, to the paper lanterns and other decorations, even the music used in each scene changes according to which country they are in. They really captivated the essence of the people unique to each different country.

The bonus features included two short films around five minutes each: Hawaiian Vacation and Air Mater. Hawaiian vacation is based on the Toy Story 3, and how Ken and Barbie’s relationship is advancing. Air Mater, on the other hand, is just like one of the small segments from Disney Channel called Mater’s Tall Tales, in which Mater tells Lightening McQueen crazy stories about his past that no one can believe are true. And this time, Mater claims to have learned how to fly like a plane.

The director commentary is always a must have in all movies. It gives insightful information about movie production, the idea for the movie, and how it was made. It also talked about how Cars 2 is different and similar to Cars.

This movie took complete advantage of the amazing quality of Blu-ray. The picture quality is great, it feels like you are witnessing the events in person, not through a TV screen.

I highly recommend this movie. It is a great family movie, and even teens will get a kick out of the comedy and espionage.

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